House Of Fairy Tales

Kollaboratoriets entry to the H.C Andersen ideas competition in Odense, Denmark.

A forest forms the core of the proposal. It is a wild place, unruly, dense and vibrant, a universe unto itself, a world of fairytales.
The idea emerges from an understanding of context and contrast, it is developed according to the core values and themes of H. C. Andersens writings. Taking its cues from the history of the site, the project is a divergent continuation of the story of that place, both real and surreal at once.
Numerous conditions, and the transition between, them shape the iconic impact of the building. A shift from the rhythm of the cityscape to the organic expression of the forest. Within the forest, the measured and precise forms of the buildings continue the play on contrasts. Each element differentiates itself from the preceding and provides the framing that will maximize the impact of the next. In this way the proposal forms a continuous narrative, from the point where the familiar cityscape is left behind, to the final discovery of the museum and its branching sequence of spaces.
The House of Fairytales is the centrepoint of a self contained universe that intersects and interacts with our own in a way that is enriching to all users irrespective of culture. A combination of architectural specificity and programatic indeterminacy lays the foundation for a multilayered and changing experience.
Expectations, the idea of what comes next, plays an important role in the proposal. Contextual clues are used as a means to reward exploration with unexpected twists or encounters. In overcoming these challenges visitors take possession of their discoveries, intangibly making a part of museum their own.
Rather than choosing a conventional approach, a building of more overt or extravagant character centered in a conventional park, this proposal focuses on providing the setting for a journey, using all available options to cultivate qualities found nowhere else.


Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal
Marte Skolseg Bruvik
Fredrik Winderen Owesen
Sindre Wam


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