Ment’house is a home+studio project in two separate volumes that we are working on in collaboration with Openlab Company (IT).  The project is developed as a prototype for affordable housing, and the two volumes are thus almost identical seen from the outside. The prototypes will be produced and erected during spring 2015, adapted to prefabricated standard. After the completion of the two prototypes, the project will be developed further for a larger scaled production.

Year: 2014
Status: Undecided.
Location: Rome, Italy

Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal
Sindre Wam


Kolab Architects consists of three people with a background from both art and architecture, engaged in a wide range of activities such as exhibitions, competitions and teaching, in addition to being an architecture studio. Kolab Architects also established and hosts Kollaboratoriet.
Kollaboratoriet is an interdisciplinary collective of architects and artists, consisting of both in-house and external collaborators. The physical studio acts as the main workspace of seven people working with architecture, art, set design, illustration, graphic design and programming.
The collective was established in 2013 and is located in Oslo city centre, where we work independently and collectively in all overlapping fields.





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Kolab Arkitekter AS

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