Smoke and Mirrors

1: Something/Someone that deceives or distorts the truth.
02: Something/Someone that distorts or blurs facts ,figures, etc., like a magic or conjuring work; artful deception; tricky inventiveness.


Smoke and Mirrors is the winning entry to the national art-competition regarding Odderøya sewage plant, developed by Kolab Arkitekter and artist Fredrik Berberg. The proposal suggest a corten steel chimney with highly polished steel cladding on the first nine meters above ground, reflecting the sky around it. This will create an illusion rendering the chimney apparently floating above the treetops when viewed from a distance. In its immediate surroundings, the steel will reflect its surrounding forrest. The chimney is placed within a corten steel pool filled with white gravel, and paired with a second pool where an abstract cairn sculpture is placed. This is suggested as the starting point on turning the area into a slowly developing sculpture park, where the local artists can exhibit their work.

Excerpt from jury announcement :

“The chimney´s ability to address both the ocean and the city – independent from other elements than itself and its natural surroundings – fascinates the jury.”

Model photography by Mattias Josefsson.

See more here (NRK) and here (Municipality).




Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal
Sindre Wam


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